First night, too lazy

First off, I don’t remember how I came about to make this decision. After all, I have a budding career in graphic design. I have finally become an Art Director.

Oh yea, that’s the reason – I became an Art Director.

There is nothing wrong with being an Art Director. From the beginning of design school at Platt College I dreamed about being an Art Director. I think that that was my main goal to achieve when I graduated from design school.

Now, I’m an Art Director at two fine magazines – Vapors – a cultural look at street-fashion publication and C16 – a digital car mag. And nowadays, I find myself at a very precarious position with life decisions.

On one hand, I love what I do. What is that? Well like I said I’m an Art Director. What’ is that? Well, I direct ART by planning layouts, over-seeing the production, and making sure that the book hits the deadline date. I can honestly say that I can handle every creative end of a publication from planning to print. It sounds like fun – working for a magazine – and it is! But just like any profession, it’s a lot of work. It has the growing pains of any up and coming, independent magazine trying to grow wings before legs. I hate the hours. But I love the perks. I love the challenge. And, I love the fact that I have never before, in my professional career, worked with such a diverse group of individuals with interesting backgrounds, and better yet – extraordinary stories.

On the other hand, I want to know if this is all there really is with my career and more importantly, my education.

So here I am at 3 in the morning, too lazy to put my portfolio together and/or my paperwork. I don’t know why I’m procrastinating. Perhaps I’m scared. Perhaps I’m tired.

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