Admittedly, I procrastinated on this one. When am I ever gonna learn that slow and steady surely can win the race? But yes, I tried to hold this off as long as possible for multiple, if not practical reasons.

So I filled on my FAFSA today to apply for student aid and of course qualify me for scholarship. The process was not as hard as I thought given that it took me about a good hour to fill out all the questions. Not to mention, I did check the site out ahead of time to obtain my Fed PIN.

I started a financial folder for my records just like a good records keeper! I felt so adult. haha

I gathered my transcripts to get them ready for admissions. I feel like I’m really doing this! Just a couple more things out of the way before I get to submitting everything. I need to fill out the application for one, and then write my essay. THEN I have to review my portfolio and get that ready for submission. I’m pretty nervous. It’s been a while getting here and I feel that each day I chip away at the old block until this process is complete.

For the first time I actually feel responsible for my education and grabbing hold of where I need to be. A lot of that inspiration had to do with my family. My mom, dad, sister, and older brother all went to college. I feel like I was the last one (even though I am the middle kid) because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. I feel like this whole time groomed me into the person I wanted to be. Not only that, but for reasons unknown I have felt like I didn’t deserve to be as educated or smart as my siblings. I felt like I was the one always left out. It’s no fault but my own to fail to recognized that as hard as my family STRESSED how important it was to get an education, that ultimately I was in control of my goals in life. How naive I was in the world.

My motivation was the closest of friends – DBS and my good friend Erwin. My brothers in DBS will always be my inspiration in all my pursuits of happiness. It’s not just the people that make up the group, but also the philosophy about self and life that we all explored together so many years ago. Erwin was my catalyst in applying to the school. He was the first to introduce me to the possibilities as it was him that I ran to on on of my many visits to the school.

Sorry for the tangent. I have to keep reminding myself as to how I got to this point. What motivated me to start this journey of self-exploration. That was just a little background. But anyway….

I’m just waiting to get done. I hope this counts for something.

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