It all begun with Mixwell…

Happy Birthday Junk “The Grad Medudo” Uno! Special shouts going out to Mr. Abel “Hable” Lumikang and Mr. Trin “City Boy” Salaroy.

“Come out to celebrate a good night of good friends, good times, and “space cowboys” as the confirmed FRESHNESS of Usual Suspects, 21XL, Mixwell USA®, CAS, Live and Love Reggae, and CityBoy come together to present…”WE BE ILLIN!” a one-time jam in the LBC. Leading the charge is DJ KWEST (Cerritos All-Stars Radio)”

I can just hear the “copy” in things.

I blindly erase typing words and phrases the come through my head. It’s resting time. 8:34 is the time on the clock as I type.

The organization baffles me. Yet the message is clear. I’ve been designing promos like this to what seems like 1000 years working at Inkworks. Keep it simple. I try to remember that as I needed to hunt pick and pray to use the 1000 or so words on the page to SELL.

In the fall of 1998, I was interning at a small creative company located in the City of Cerritos, CA named Inkworks Design and Press. They were a small, grassroots company specializing in event campaigns. I was openly exposed to many forms of media including graphic design, motion graphics, web, print, and interactive media. I actively learned both the conceptual and production process. Broadening my range allowed me to experiment and delve into different forms of communication arts.

After 5 years, I was acquired by Vision Entertainment, the producers of the infamous car-show tour “Hot Import Nights.” to “bud” in the growing franchise as a online marketing & design manager. I was actively exposed to marketing analysis, strategy, and implementation to mixed media via print and web.

I am now in media as an Art Director at Overamerica Media Group, the publishers of hipster-fresh mags BPM, C16, and Vapors. Through my position at the magazine I have been actively exposed to the Hollywood lifestyle and Westside culture, very glamorous indeed! Aside form that, I’ve also been heavily exposed to Marketing and Advertising.

And that’s how I found my way toward a major in Advertising at the Art Center College of Design.

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