I’m IN!!!

I got accepted. Good. The easy part is over.

I am glad it’s over! Lord knows how stressed I became waiting for that letter in the mail. Or perhaps NO letter in the mail. Or worse – rejection. But I am extremely grateful and thankful that the board at Art Center deemed my work worthy of recognition and study at their prestigious establishment. Getting the letter was a thrill. I wouldn’t give up that moment for the world.

However, I do have to look at reality. Although yes, I’m proud that I had the courage to apply to the school – the hard part is just underway.

Now I have to think about expenses for the next 4 years. A financial burden I wsa not ready to deal with in moving back home with my parents. I had hoped that I would save enough money to get a fresh start as early as possible. I have yet to save enough money to pay off the debt that I’ve incurred! I’m so mad at myself for that.

The bright side is that at least I got my shit together enough to FINALLY do something and take care of my education. After 10 years, I’m finally taking some sort of risk in life. It’s funny how it works. I guess this is the only way that this could have happened. All for the good I guess.

For now, I’m just waiting on word regarding scholarship. I hope I get SOME money to alleviate the financial burden. If not, then I don’t think that I could go. I would seriously have to reconsider.

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