Reasons for college now

Maybe it was my SAT score…

Despite my parent’s standards of education, I was always disciplined to be a good, scholastic kid.

SAT’s were 800 out of 1600. I’ve heard that you get 600 points just for signing your name. My mom thought it was a perfect score. Averages I kept hearing were 1053 or 1356. Deep inside I knew I didn’t score high. I felt like I failed. For the first time, I felt disgust with myself. Was I ready for a 4-year college? Or was I not applying myself properly?

I may never know. But early on enough, I needed to find out. I had enough time to find out.

I was a nerd. I loved school. I was an above average student. I worked hard at it because my parents made me. Standards are very high in my family. I don’t know about you but I’m Filipino. Scholastically, as a witness of first generation Filipino-American, scholastic excellence is above all in a Filipino family. We strive to have honor and discipline. But something in my heritage wants me to get up and galavant.

It’s part of our culture. It’s part of my history and the histories of a lot of Southern California Flips. Where am I going with this?

So yea, after 800 I decided to become a designer.

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