Ran TO the Rose Bowl

So when I got up this morning I would have never imagined what kind of a day I would have.

First thing I did today was get my finances in order for school. Consolidation of debt of credit cards and loans, cancellation of recurring fees – like website projects I don’t even manage anymore were my routine. I still have to come up with a report to hard to my parents to cosign on the loan for school. At least this way, they can see the financial road map that I’m getting in to. I’m putting it all in front of them. I’m putting it all in front of me. I even looked up the cost of life insurance, you know, just in case in the dire circumstance I happen to die and leave my parents with this loan. I felt somewhat empowered by the whole experience. I still have to finish up tho. Sucks.

But my day got even crazier as I decided to go for a run at the Rose Bowl. Not AT the Rose Bowl…TO the Rose Bowl. I figured that I’m running the same distance around it as I could run to it. So I confirmed with my dad just exactly how many miles it would be to run to the Rose Bowl. “Probably three and a half to four miles…”, he said. I figured that I already knew the averages of how long it takes me to run the whole course once. It takes about 45 minutes. And even if I didn’t make it to the Rose Bowl, I could at least run for 45 minutes and no matter where I end up, I would know that if I ran 45 minutes back from where I came, I would end up that the same spot, right? So I ran to the Rose Bowl. Awesome.

I also went to the shooting range today with Erwin. It the first time I ever fired a gun. Pretty awesome stuff. I’m not into it. E bets that I’ll probably get into it. I don’t think I will. But I do know that it’s important to understand at least, just for the mere fact that I would have some working knowledge of how to handle a firearm.

Peculiarly. I ran into a lot of “almost’s” today. I almost….got into a car accident, ran over a cat, got chased by a big ass black dog,..okay maybe not “a lot” but hey, it was “almost” a lot.

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