Everything just kinda clicked holmes!

I can honestly say that everything just kinda clicked today.

Everything that I’ve been learning this past term seemed to all make sense to me. I felt like a kid again when comping up and roughing out some type thumbs. TYPE THUMBS!!! Can you believe it? Fleshing out type was new, refreshing. I thought the entire time…ahhh, so this is what I’ve been learning. Then, I thought about so many other aspects of my education and the foundation I have learned behind every assignment. Wow! Can I say that it’s been quite an overwhelming day. It’s almost like the entirety of Art History hit me in one single moment–a eureka moment!

But the day isn’t over yet. I have two classes tomorrow (or should I say in several hours) and I’m quite excited to go! Again, a lot of work…but this week has been quite different. Things are slowing down and speeding up at the same time. I feel like my work capacity has increased some what. That’s good as I’ve heard that next term there is even more work.

There’s still more to learn…

In the process of making a new YRBK logo in type. Fleshed out some sketches and should be getting to that soon. Moving on from there with some make up assignments for Nil’s class, so look out for that. Finishing up some Design 1 stuff and should post up soon. I’ll get up some of my essays soon. No, “word” essays, not “vato” esseys holmes.

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