Who am I? The MC.

Nils Lindstrom told me something the last day of school. He said, “It’s okay for others to be better than you.” He went on to explain that it’s ‘okay’ because I’ll always have something to learn from other people. Ambition is not always the joy in my day, but I understand it makes up a lot of who I am. I have been so ambitious for so long that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t that way. I guess this was Nil’s way and perhaps God’s little way of saying…slow down. You don’t have to always be the best.

And so begins my new anthem…

So FINALS are done. And it’s vacation for the next three weeks. My last day was unremarkable. I almost couldn’t believe that the term was all over. It’s only been a term, but it seemed like a whole year. Crazy. I guess school will do that to me.

Still, the experience was unexpected and wondrous. It opened my eyes to things I never knew before, and things that I’m just getting to know–in my work, in my habits, in my work, and in my SELF. It’s a great time of discovery for me; makes me think of why I didn’t get to do this earlier.

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