Hot Imported Material

So WordPress has this cool function that I just learned about. I can import blogs from previous other blogs on different blogs of the net. Neat! So I have some material that I’ve recently imported from my site. You’ll see it in the archive section of the blog. My earlier entries were mostly about getting in to school and the process in those moments of my life. As always, the blogs are filled to the juicy brim with the raw emotions of yours truly, as well as some other gems you probably didn’t know about me like how horrid my English were.

=P Enjoy!

One Response to Hot Imported Material

  1. Christine Nakashiba says:

    I try to not visit your blog often because I feel like such a stalker/lurker/creep– it’s a horrible feeling. But, I couldn’t sleep, so here I am.
    I just wanted to say– thanks for keeping it REAL. I keep coming back because it’s so open & honest, it’s kind of weird, in a good way; there aren’t too many things/people out there like that these days.

    Plus, I got tired of seeing “No comments” 😉

    btw: Baseline magazine– for all your typographic & design needs.

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