I have a hangover

I guess I had a pretty good 3 weeks off. I mostly got high and drank on occasion. I didn’t go to very many places save Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party and a spontaneous day trip to Victorville of all places. I saw two of my friends get married where half of the said drinking occasions happened. I didn’t get to blog much surprisingly and didn’t find myself inspired to read at all. I planned to fix up the studio, but got too lazy to really do anything with it. Although I planned many things this Summer, a lot of it fell through.

Which leaves me in this state of mind–the first day of my second term coming up tomorrow. To me, it’s really a “so where did we leave off” term for school, except this time I’m expected to know what’s up and get busy right away. This is the Fall term, so I can expect to see more students as opposed to the Summer. In an odd sense, I’m looking forward to getting busy again only because I felt quite unproductive during the break. (I know I’m probably going to eat those words later on in the term though…haha) Apparently, I should also be getting my financial aid check this week–thank God!

Other than that, I’ve been running a lot at the Rose Bowl which helps me to relieve some stress. I’ve grown fond of it recently. I love the fact that I can do an entire run without stopping to catch my breath. I’m beginning to lose some weight as well. My best time was clocked in at 30:11. However, I forgot to time the entire run so I’m sure that I can clock in a couple more minutes on that official. I think the best overall run time I clocked for a whole run was 33:22, which is more believable.

Anyway, I’m getting tired, recovering stiill and have class tomorrow. Cheers.

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