The Gold Violin

Is it just me, or is there more happening in the latest episode of Mad Men than meets the eye? After all this latest installment of Season Two’s The Gold Violin left out some other character’s story lines and left us kind of wondering. This recently installment centered around starting more character insight by getting the balling roling on more minor details with Don’s hot ass “sex-retary”, Jane, and her tiff with mama-hen Joan (Ms. Holloway); the growing trust between Duck and Don; the ambiguous innuendo (almost homosexual or obsessive perhaps?) between Art Director, Salvatore, towards Account Exec, Cosgrove; and the further achievements of now head-of-television Harry Crane.

Then, there’s Don. Oh Don…

Don’s ego is tested as he’s beginning to see the backfire of his fucking around with Bobbie (which relationship ended per last episode because Bobbie couldn’t shut her pie hole). Jimmy invites Don’s wife, Betty, to his “breakout” party celebrating the fact that ABC picked up his new show. There, Jimmy let’s the cat out-of-the-bag per se and calls Betty out on Don’s “extra-work activities”. Jimmy ends up tooling Don in front of his wife and in his face. This ends in a quiet ride home for the Drapers as the last shot shows Betty pucking in Don’s new car. hahaha Classic.

I would’ve like to see a continuation of Peggy and Campbell’s little hot-for-you eyes at the club from the last episode, but I suppose it can wait. The add-in into Don’s past as a car salesmen added a little more depth to the mysterious past of Don. I also enjoyed the writer’s “politically incorrect” era tidbits of leaving all the trash on the field on the Draper’s picnic.

As far as the future, I think that the little puke by Betty at the end could be a foreshadow either one of two things–it’s a metaphor for Betty beginning realize Don’s little devices or she’s pregnant. Then again, I’m never claimed to be a Nostradamus.

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