Back to school

Back to school, and already my studio is a mess! But it’s good to be back…

I haven’t felt the full impact of my schedule yet; it’s only Wednesday. I’m taking a full load with six (count ’em–SIX!!!) classes this term–that’s almost Trans-status. The campus feels more full compared to last term as the head count is up for Fall. My instructors seem pretty cool so far, and the Chair to the Ad Dept–Elena, feels pretty confident that I can handle the work load this term. I think I can handle it too, I’m just kinda freakin out as I’ve never been THIS busy. Guess I just have to dive on into it and get to work.

First week jitters is something to still get used to, but it feels kinda good that I’m not that much of a newbie anymore. I remember Jim “Wojo” telling us on the last day of Comm 1 last term that we were about to cross a threshold. Now I know what he meant.

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