Horay For Student Discounts

Today I went to check out LACMA with my classmate Diana. Imagine that–two of my projects this year require me to go. So I got a year membership for the awesome student price of only $25! I saw the new Chicano art exhibit in the West Hall, the kids art workshop, the whatchamacallit modern art building with the cool ass elevator, as well as the new Fabiola exhibit. Lots to see in just one day and with the weather being hot lately, it was pretty exhausting. Still need to go back to see more.

I suffered a minor depression today as I spent nearly $4Gs on a new laptop, monitor, Wacom tablet, software, and AppleCare. I’m living off loans for the next couple of years so I swear I almost fainted when I saw the receipts. I hope to all worth it. I got the laptop at a pretty cool price, but the rest of the stuff I had to buy at Frys. I wish they’d give a student discount at Frys. Watch, they do…haha

One Response to Horay For Student Discounts

  1. William says:

    Love those student discount and free student stuff. Can’t imagine how much a year I save on everything with them 😛

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