Illuminatus Arrested in Knoxville



Thirdly, dude this guy has mental problems. This is understandable and should NOT be laughed at. So shame on you for laughing with me you unsympathetic ingrate! I sympathize with the guy. Really, I do. I just thought it was funny that upon arrest, he mentioned he was a “Special Agent” for the “American Illuminati”. Yes, this is what he said! So I just thought I’d include him in my blog because the story made my day. The story was featured on AC360…AC”muthereffen”360!!! Couldn’t find it on CNN, but here are some other jumps so you can check it out for yourself:,2933,424102,00.html

Lastly, this has nothing to do with advertising, and it goes without saying, the so called “American Illuminati” doesn’t exist. Really, we don’t.

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