How Uber Awful

Just got an email the other day announcing that will be officially closing it’s cyber doors and shutting down all operations. On that note, that kinda sucks given that was devoted to artists and designers, photographers and illustrators and such. It also sucks because admittedly I never really used the damn thing since all my friends and pals were all on Myspace and Facebook.

Here’s the letter I got:

“Hi Ray David,

Thank You. Goodbye. Uber will be turned off on Monday.

Thank You.

That’s the first thing that we wanted to say. We have some bad news. The crisis in the economy has claimed Uber as its latest victim. Our investors have decided to stop supporting Uber and we have closed the doors. We would like to thank them too; it’s no fault of theirs that this happened. On the contrary, without their unflinching support we would never have made it this far, and they have stood by us and tried desperately to help us realize our dreams.

The site will be inactive as of Monday September 29, 2008.

We, the former Uber staff, are very disappointed in this outcome and feel bad that we can’t continue this journey we started with you. Uber was an art project in the form of a for-profit corporation whose mission was to change the way the Internet was built. We felt and still feel that everyone needs a voice in this new medium, not just the big media giants. We tried to build a site that let people of eve ry skill level, every style, and every generation express themselves and meet fellow individuals.

After two years of refining Uber, listening to your feedback and working at breakneck speed to try and make a product that accomplished this goal, we were unfortunately cut short right as we got on a roll. But we’re not quitters. The team behind Uber will undoubtedly reform in a new way and bring another set of ideas to you and will have had the benefit of the wonderful experience we had here to aid us on our way.

If you would like to join our movement and be notified when the next project from the ex-Uber team surfaces, please send your name and email to and we’ll keep you posted.

Good ideas will eventually win. You gotta believe that. We do. Thank you.

The (Former) Uber Team”

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