No sleep

Getting no sleep is typical of an Art Center student. I thought a friend of mine was kidding when he first told this to me, now I know exactly what it means.

I can understand that it’s a question of time management. Admittedly, I’ve procrastinated quite a bit only to get my mind off of the subject, get my mind on something else, get back to the task at hand and hopefully see the situation from a fresh perspective. It’s worked believe it or not. I just wish I had a better practice.

I’m in Advertising, and therefore the execution is not solely based on the quality of visual aesthetic, but rather the central idea of the solution. We’re taught to be “idea machines”, sometimes spitting out the most random of thoughts and parlaying in that manner. I’ve seen my instructors, and even my chair, do it. The best way to describe it is like a idea tennis match. It’s fascinating. But right now at this late an hour, it’s hard, long, and frustrating–like my penis.

At any rate I find my mind wondering in idea land. I can smell the ideas in the air already. Just have to be ready to commit to paper. I hate nights like these. I hate being afraid of the blank page. Yes, I hate these things I need to do before I get to work. Hate hate hate. Hate hate.

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