Night at the Avalon

So I took a field trip recently to experiment with some shots for Design 2. I wanted to incorporate the images of nightlife and music within my mid-term composition piece. Sorry to say that I don’t think I’m going to do that anymore. I thought this would be a cake walk; how wrong I was! The first thing to remember when shooting at the dark is this: YOU NEED LIGHT! As paradox as that sounds, it’s true. If there is too much light, the color gets blown out. So you need a flash with an adjustable angle to “bounce” the light off the wall. The only problem is that the flash is in the range of $300-$500. I can’t afford that right now. Perhaps I’ll wait until my birthday or Xmas to ask from my DBS Secret Santa.

Anyway, here are a few shots from that night. These compositions are amateur, and got WAAAAAAY blurry from the lack of decent light. This was my first time out experimenting with the genre of subject matter. The first shot is probably my favorite, poetic.

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