“So what did you do today Ray?” Ummm…origami. That’s right party people, I learned about origami today and made a piano, flower, a butterfly, a flying crane, and a kangaroo. Fun times!!! It definitely lighted up the mood around our D2 crits. Nice break from the norm ya know? Usually, I’m all uptight because I’m concentrating so much on getting the composition right.

Admittedly, I think I suck compared to the rest of the class which is filled with the variety of Graphic and Illustration majors. I’m the only Ad major in the class, which I find funny. It makes me unique, but I think I’m too ADD compared the others and their intricate creations I see on the weekly. Granted, this class is part of their profession, so yea they’re all gonna kick my ass in the assignments.

But like Nils told me last term, “Don’t be afraid to have people better than you in the class. They only make you better.” I keep that in mind everyday, and you know what…I do find my own designs getting pushed further, which I appreciate and find awesome.

Anyway, here we all are having some fun times with folding colored paper!

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