Bo, Mars, Hitler and Jim Riswold

No relation to Clarke Griswold of the infamous “Vacation” movies, but by the note throwing in his speech and the plugs of humor in his lecture, you’d probably think different. No no, it’s RISWOLD, and this past Thursday the Ad Dept of Art Center was treated to a true legend in the industry (and for you sneaker heads out there, you could probably appreciate this guy)–Jim Riswold.

Jim is known in the ad world for his work at Wieden + Kennedy, the Portland-based, Worldwide Ad Agency responsible for Nike’s timeless “Just Do It” mantra. Jim’s claim to fame at WK lies within such legendary spots of the Bo Jackson “Bo Knows…”, Charles Barkey “Not a Role Model”, and Tiger Woods “I’m Tiger Woods” campaigns.

But as far as Jim’s celebrity (or at least to me!) within the ad world is his work on Michael Jordan’s “Mars ‘Is It The Shoes?!” Blackmon” and “Space Jam” spots.

Nowadays, Jim spends his time in the art world dealing with photography and such topics as Hitler, Napolean, Chairman Mao, and Marie Antoinette. He freelances from time to time, but these days taking it easy due to his fight with leukemia. One this day, he graciously entertained us with his “How hitler Changed My Life” lecture as well as a few tidbits here and there about the ad industry and his experiences in it. I feel very fortunate and honored to have seen this man.

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