Fall Schedule

I’ve procrastinated a bit to get this done, but I’ve finally completed my personal schedule for this term. On the agenda: Working out, Eat/Rest, Class, Work, Sleep, and Work. Oh, I know I said that twice, but besides sleep, work takes up most of my time. The only day that I’ve left open for me is Sunday, (yes, I’m even working on Saturdays) which of course will be reserved for “me” time, mass, family, leisure (or pronounced “leh-zhure” as Barry would say) and sex (if I’m so lucky!). Either way, its good for me to put things down like this instead of wondering what the hell is going on with my personal schedule. I did this last term and don’t know why I didn’t do it immediately this term.

I can’t tell if I’m doing well in class or not. Just seems like right now I have that “getting by” attitude. I still feel like I’m trying to wrap my head around things in each class. I hope I figure it out soon, just like my “it just kinda clicked holmes” moment from last term. By mid-terms I should have a better idea of where I stand.

Unfortunately, I’m having the baddest of attitudes right now and my work is suffering. I’m having a little problem letting go of my conservatism. Through this process of going to class everyday and learning just a little more of emersing myself in my own creative train, I’ve learned that I’m quite conservative when it comes to my attitude and perspecitve. Koji calls it “typical” or “square” and I’m beggining to see his point. Granted, life itself has somehow “scared” me into this corner of thinking within boundaries. Yes, I blame my own cynical views on things as the catalyst towards my conservatism. And why not? I have a lot to worry about besides grades. I just wish it didn’t show so much sometimes.

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