Michael Prieve

Today the ADV students were treated to a Business Dialogue series featuring Michael Prieve, Art Center Alum (with honors) and current CCO of Doremus & Co., Omnicom’s premier business communications agency. From his dialogue and info found on his website, Michael began his career at Weiden + Kennedy, where he also worked along with Jim Riswold. He explained that at the time of his hiring at W+K there were only about 20 people working there. While there he became the Creative Director for W+K Asia, W+K Europe, and W+K New York; responsible for the management of clients such as Jordan, ESPN, and Calvin Klein. He has also held the position of Executive Creative Director at FCB in San Francisco, working for Levi Strauss & Co. and Y&R in Irvine for Land Rover.

I was thoroughly impressed with the body of work that Michael had amassed over his career. I wish he had more time though as he only had only 5 minutes for questions. Below are couple of examples of his work, but for more info and to see the rest of his incredible body of work, check out his website at: http://www.michaelprieve.com

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