Crazy People (1990)

Here’s a clip from a little known advertising movie entitled Crazy People and probably my first instance of running into advertising that I could remember. The premise of the film is that an advertising exec, played by Dudley Moore, hits his breaking point when he actually uses honesty in the client’s advertising. He’s admitted into a mental institution in which all the patients help him to concept even greater advertising. He falls in love along the way, yada yada and advertising saves the world once again. How the ad campaigns got by without the clients approval I can’t remember, but it’s a funny movie anyway. Plus, it’s quite funny to me that as misleading all ads seem to be–good ads are quite honest. Another thing about this movie that I appreciate is the idea that advertisers are somewhat crazy, which is true. How else do you think we come up with those brilliant ideas? Okay, maybe this movie goes WAAAAAAY off the edge with the ideas, but you gotta know how far you can go before you know how close you can come. Anyway, still makes a funny movie. There’s a classic line that I’ll always remember in a pitch to Sony in the movie which goes something like this,”Sony. Bony.”

Check out the clip for yourself and rent it for the best night of Dudley Moore since Arthur II.

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