Going to the Wessssssiiiiddde!

I recently took a field trip for Copy Concepts to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and later that day, Royal T. Both were located on the ultra-hip tip of Culver City aka as part of the “West Side” of Los Angeles. Yes kiddies, even when you’re on the Wesside, there is still a ‘West Side’.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a faux museum, meaning that everything on display is fake. That’s right kiddies–FAKE! Nothing is real. Going in there, one wouldn’t think so given that the entire place is littered with intricate biographies, video and descriptions on each display. There are a few creepy parts, as the museum can take on a sort of super-natural or paranormal feel. But have no fear.

Royal T is a hip Japanese cafe / art collection nearby. It features some work from Murakami (the owner is a BIG fan) and other works. Inside, you’ll find a hip cafe where all the waitresses are dressed Harajuku. I have a friend that would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to come here. The collections are rad and the food and service kicks.

I had uber fun hanging out with my class and roaming ‘See-City’ like tourists. Here’s are some of the picts I snapped along the way.

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