Goonies Never Say Die!

Josh Brolin at the LAT

I attended a film-major talk this Wednesday at the LAT in which the guest speaker was none other than Josh Brolin. Although at first I was not taken back by his immediate star power, I was blown away by the body of work he had encompassed as of late. I was soon swooned after seeing his reel, realizing that this guy might have some real talent. Sure, he hasn’t been the Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt along the way, but if his recent work in No Country For Old Men, W., and Milk doesn’t give him an Oscar nod along the way, I would be deeply disappointed.

Brolin seemed like the genuine article, an admitted theater and film geek keenly in-tuned with his acting craft. He was very candid and very direct in his feelings of his upcoming directorial debut.

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