And miles to go before I sleep…

Finals Checklist

One down, 3 to go. Oh, and more projects to finish on up before we’re dismissed for the term next week. I’m feeling quite optimistic at this moment that I’ll be able to pull this off. I had a awful and then wonderful Thanksgiving–fighting and then eventually reconciling with my parents, I had a great Thanksgiving with my closest friends, I had a great presentation will all of my teammates for my first final, as well as turning in a good paper, and now plunging forward ready to take the rest of these assignments on. I haven’t been running much or getting a lot of exercise, but I’m watching what I eat making sure to take in something nutritious now and then. But my nerves make that extremely difficult! (I tend to overeat when I’m nervous, or smoke.) But yea, as crazy as it sounds, I’m pretty much looking forward to the challenge this week.

Barry, my History of Ad and Copy Concepts teacher, told the class something simple yet profound this Monday that I’ve been thinking about. He said that we must “take in some input in order to get some output”, and pretty much wrapped up the class by summing up what we’ve been doing in the class for the term is exploring. He suggested that over the break we should not just lay dormant but should actually learn more. The thing that stuck to me was how he explained that the reason we probably feel like we’re “empty” when we came back from break is probably because we hadn’t gained any input. He was more than empathetic, he read that perfectly. Profound–well, at least to me it was.

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