Stupid Skittles Commercial

I guess Skittles changed it up or upgraded their “Taste The Rainbow” slogan, yea? I will probably regret this later by saying this, because I don’t know exactly what to make of this commercial yet. It’s kinda weird, but kinda stupid. Either way, I thought that the ending sounded like an old episode of Transformers “Next Week” plugs. Anyway, here’s the loop:

Okay, I just realized that one of the dudes in the commercial is speaking TAGALOG! WTF?! He’s saying, “…but I’m hungry!” And I think that the dark tailor dude is speaking it too, but can’t understand him as much. I thought they were speaking Mongolian or something. HAHA. Nevermind that there is a black dude and some other dude in the mirrors, just having a Filipino dude speaking Tagalog on TV is awesome. Now that’s funny!

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