Hey A$$#&LE…Reference THIS!

Okay, so I always mention this show, The Electric Company, that I used to watch when I was little, and NO ONE seems to know WTF I’m talking about….am I just THAT old? Anyway, I used to love this show more than Sesame Street. Yes, more than SESAME STREET! Why? I don’t know. Maybe because at the end of some episodes they would feature a skit with Spiderman in it. For real! Come to find out, years later I learned that Morgan Freeman used to star in the show! Trip. Anyway, here’s the opening…you might find out that there’s a reference here to The Goonies, or rather, The Goonies referenced something from this opening…

Did you see Morgan Freeman? haha watch it again! And here’s that scene from Goonies

Anyway, this all came about tonight when someone TEXTED me about The Perfect Strangers theme song, which is…

Remember that? Well, this lead me to look for…

Which lead me to the link of…

Did you notice Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas? This lead me to look at…

I used to LOOOOOOOVE the Mathnet series on there, although they NEVER finished the DAMN SERIES!!!! And this lead me to the opening of The Electric Company.

Of course, the person in question who asked about The Perfect Strangers theme, actually thought the song in this opening credits was the theme song…

Sound familiar? That’s RIGHT! This song is used in the new Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. I find it somewhat odd that the treatment of music is lifted straight from an intro of an 80s sitcom. Well there’s reference for ya.

I actually used to be able to play this on the piano.

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