2009 Superbowl Commercials

I’m sure this year’s Superbowl was great. I didn’t watch any of it because I was trying to work on some shit. I ended up watching past episodes of Battlestar Galactica. What a travesty! Either way, here are some of the works of very talented agencies putting up some of the best during the Holy Grail of american network television. Follow the links, or just to to myspace.com for the scoop:

Taco Bell: Smooth Moves

Doritos: Lucky Day

“Swedish” (Bud Light)

Pepsi Max: I'm good

Godaddy.com: Enhanced

One Response to 2009 Superbowl Commercials

  1. christine says:

    i knew i could count on you for the superbowl commercial highlights. cheers!~

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