The $6M Book and More Adventures of the Week

Shakespeare 1st Edition

We took a field trip for Paul Soady’s class today to the Clark Library, a private library near Western in Mid-Town. The library is a private collection belonging to UCLA. There, we caught a little bit of lost Los Angeles history of William-Clark, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector, and his contributions as one of the early Los Angeles society-elite. Our guide, Bruce, made the tour more pleasurable by slecting specific works of first editions. The library is AMAZING, and it’s book collection is superb. We got to see a pre-Gutenberg Bible, an actual page from a Gutenberg bible; some type extraordinary books from Gill (Gill Sans), Baskerville; A lot of first edition Canterbury Tales; even a first-edition Shakespeare worth $6 MILLION. All in all, very interesting place. Best thing about it is that it is FREE to view everyday from 9am-5pm, but be sure to check out for correct times.

Other than that, I have been pretty busy with work this week and feel quite exhausted.

I developed film in a darkroom for the first time this week. I must admit that I have a new-found respect for photographers and their craft! Everyone in the photolab was quite helpful and nice which was very cool. They’re just as accepting that I was a newbie and very open to questions. The lab instructor Peter was very helpful in bringing out my prints, which came out too dark because the negative was thin. I wasted an entire packet of print paper just experimenting and trying to get the print out. It taught me a great number of things tho–like, how the image is in the negative, patience with film, careful handling, taking my time around chemincals..haha. I joked with my boy Jimmy James that I thought the class will make me into a better lover because I had to be so careful and exacting. At the end, I’m glad I made that many mistakes in the print to finally get it right. After all, my prints came out pretty good!

Miko’s class was ill this week. I felt exhausted after the weekend and my comps came out REALLY SHITTY. Now we have to finish up two campaigns with different three variations of each campaign. That’s SIX COMPS PEOPLE!!!! It takes me a week to do three. I feel I’m pretty comfortable with the pressure tho and being in Mikio’s class has really given me a wake up call. Its kind of hard to explain; you just have to be there to know what I’m talking about. For me, Mikio’s class really begs to answer the question, “Do you REALLY want to be in Advertising?” Then asks again, “Do you REALLY WANT to be in Advertising?” Finally, it commands you, “Okay, then show me.” The funny thing is that its not just the comp work, but it’s also the RESEARCH that’s important. I try not to see it as such a dreaded, laborious task. It’s research into a field that’s got 40+ years on us. And as Mikio puts it (and I paraphrase), “If you can’t fall in love with the research, then what’s the point?” Then he goes on to quote Roland Young, “Do you GET IT?” Yes sir, I do! He seems to genuinely care about each and every one of us.

Other than that, the rest of the week has been oddly routine, just work work work. I started scheduling how much time I can allocate to each project, and started calculating my work hours every week. I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner despite what Elaina and the other staff and instructors have told us. It really helps project how many hours I need to work on something. The funny thing is that I usually do this with design projects. I just don’t know why I’ve never gotten that into it with schoolwork. But live and learn my friends! I’ve cut down significantly on freelance as well allocating more time for school. I had to recently drop a project because I realized that I would not have enough time for school.

Superbowl commercials were not that great. Honestly the only one that stood out for me was the Career Builder commercial, and I usually think those are dumb! Well, just goes to show you that despite this failing lack of talent in the industry, I will always have a job!

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