This week…

This week was not bad. In fact, I think that it has been the first week where I had more of a hold on things time wise. Looks like my new and improved system of time management is working out for me. Shame that I didn’t think of it sooner.

Monday’s Big Picture Lecture was interesting. We had Dr. Alison Reteln from USC come to speak with us on cultural rights; how international law and precedent has guaranteed this and why its important to have. Admittedly, it was a step away from art, Art, ART, ART! or design, Design, DESIGN, DESIGN!!! It was more of a left-brained subject matter with a right brained idea of application. Left brained in that it involved law and legal precedent; right in that the idea of rights to culture itself was abstract and changing.

We didn’t have Intro to Mod on Tuesday so I got to sleep in a bit. AdCon with Mikio was not bad. I presented my information on Arnold which he said wasn’t bad. He liked some of my sentiments on NCL, and Sur La Table was not bad; both ads have to be worked out a bit. He seemed positive about the class as a whole, which is a good. I know I could push it even harder. I was so embarrassed last week by my NCL stuff. So embarrassed in fact that I think I subconsciously left my shitty comps up there for the other classes to see. I was looking for them that morning in da lab and was surprised to find them still stuck on the wall. All the classes in that room had to see them. God that sucked! haha Our next assignment is an ad for Miracle Ear. Our objective is for aging folks to feel good about a hearing aid. Another challenge.

Konopelski liked my Rachmaninoff Tees on Wednesday. He had no crit really. I don’t know if that’s bad or good. It tells me that its good. After we had lecture about seeing the design in everyday influences. Interesting as the inspiration behind our next project will be things that are important to us and diving into its history or meaning. That’s gonna be fun and a bit of a psyche thing as well.

I spent the rest of Wednesday printing out my pictures for basics of photo. I accidentally chopped someone else’s negs by mistake. I thought it was mine. Glad I caught it in time. Am I expecting to be fucked with? Absolutely. My prints came out pretty good. Like I stated earlier, I’m steady falling in love with photography. My prints weren’t bad although I did fuck up on one part of the assignment. We were supposed to use a shutter speed priority switching between fast shutter speed and slow shutter. The result would entail to things: for fast, a freeze in time and for slow, a blur of time. The fast shutter I knocked out the box, no problem; I took a picture of a flowing fountain and I was set. However when it came to the slow shutter the frame I wanted to print, the picture I wanted to print was actually REALLY clear, something that was indicated otherwise from the proof. So I had to pick a last minute blurry one. Long and boring story short, I need to redo the assignment.

Art Direction 2 was cool. We saw some samples of Paul’s work as well as some examples from Baitley ads and the new Archive. He critted our comps from last week. This week we had to present a fantasy project of combining to elemental object. I had a fountain pen and a Harley Davidson. I plan on taking those picts soon.

Anyway, is it happy hour yet? Late.

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