Skins’ Shitty Ad

Saw this ad in Runner’s World that totally made me say, “What?!” It was so bad that I had to post. I get the central idea about “breaking records legally”, but could they have come up with a better tag? They also could have executed it better; could have even had more fun with it! Probably playing off of everyone else in a race cheating with various contraptions and devices and the only one ahead being the one with Skins on. The problem with this ad is that the product is not the hero. I’m not saying it always needs to be, but there could be an attempt. Plus the copy doesn’t connect with the picture. “Another fine performance from a roided-up jackass.” Awesome. But in this case, show me a guy that I don’t want to be. The person I’m seeing here is fit, athletic, and handsome. Showing this person makes me want to be this person! It’s not selling me. Plus the copy sounds bitter and jealous and on top of all things there’s an ASTERISK! WTF? Get me with a line that works instead of a bitter sentiment. Seems like this is first attempt and wasn’t thought out as much. Shitty ad. They should hire an ad agency or get a better one next time. Skins

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