When You Know Gangsterisms Have Made Mainstream…

…When the image of a white woman peddling last-minute contraception pills hit the surface. Found this on a website while looking for, ah, doing some research. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a gang sign, but in the referential context–yes it is. She does throw it up! Just have her put on some lokes and a bandanna, grow out the mustache and this girl’s perfect! (Don’t mind me, I’m just being stereotypical.)

I have some slight quams with the Art Direction however. Didn’t read the “Be…” tag at first; it looked like, “E…” Perhaps they should have connected the hand to the letter, yea? Or quite possibly have rounded the fingers more? I don’t know where to put that block that looks like it’s choking her neck. Other than that, it’s clean, good composition and balance.

Plan B Ad

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