The Sometimes Always Times

I took a stroll today at school. I didn’t mean to take one. I actually had to return a book to the library that was close to becoming overdue.

After, I wandered the corridors and wound up on the bridge. There I paused, leaving the sound of my flapping Chucks echoless in the empty hallway. Taking in all the soft sunlight reflecting off the trees on the landscape, I saw the road twist and heard the gentle hum of cars arriving and leaving. It was silent, except for the soft chirps of birds and lingering smell of wet grass on the lawn. I leaned against the black metal railing as I stared out into some beautiful infinity, smiling.

The whole experience was humbling and calming. I thought for a moment on the words from my friend Dawn, when she said on her blog, “I always forget how much I love art center.” For me, this was one of those times.

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