Ear Ear!

My ear is clear! Forget any doubts that I’ve ever had about ear drops. Damn that shit works!

Midterm week wasn’t bad. Have a Modernism midterm this Tuesday. Had a lot of revisions to do for Mikios. Leonard liked my designs for GD1. Basics of Photo was good, but need a subject now to shoot a portraiture. And Soady’s was good, but I messed up on the assignment for tagline and logos so I have to redo.

I’ve gotten a complacent as of late. I really need to push it in the next several weeks. I postponed my trip to Amsterdam until next term when my friends Roland and Marie move to France. Hopefully my parents will sponsor my trip. We’ll see… Either way, I’m looking out for another trip. Preferably outside the country, can’t just take week out in LA. Need to get out. Maybe I’ll take a road trip to Seattle or something.

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