This reminds me of a story that Lou Dorfsman told; it went something like this: He was instructed to put out a half-page or quarter-page ad for Walter Kronkite in the NY Times by the head of publicity of CBS. Lou pretty much gawked at the request, surprised that CBS, one of the biggest news agencies in the world, couldn’t put out a full-page ad for its biggest prime-time newscaster. So Lou gives a suggestion that Kronkite appear on the Mary Tyler Moore show, to give Walt some publicity and show his personal side. Well, to make a long story short, Walt loves it, publicity hates it, head-of-studios loves it, Lou calls up Moore writer, they love it; publicity eventually is persuaded. Kronkite eventually does appear on the show, and Moore’s rating at second highest ever as well as Walt’s. Everyone is happy.

My point being: C’mon CNN!!!




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