Too Smart For Britannica

I’m crafting a rebranding campaign for Encyclopedia Britannica. I was doing some research on YouTube and came across these old commercials that I remember from when I was a kid. I never realized how fuckin obnoxious this kid sounded! Made me wanna slap this guy! haha We probably all sounded like this huh? This kid gets nice school clothes, a camera, a computer, and he’s still an ungrateful prick! Geez. Anyway, here some bites of nostalgia. How funny is the line when he says, “I’m typing it into my computer so I dont’ forget it.” hahaha How times have changed!

GAWD AWFUL! Oh and he gets even MORE obnoxious in the sequel.

Annoying annoying annoying. They must’ve had a good ROI because they made Part III WTF?!

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