The Desert

Ray Desert

I don’t know where I should begin this, so I’m just gonna start.

I’ve been thinking about vacation for a while. I was actually planning to go to Amsterdam and Europe for a week during Spring Break, but when I actually got a chance to plan it, the cost would have been around $3Gs. A struggling student doesn’t have that sort of cash; heck, even when I was working didn’t have that much cash. So I opted to take another route and take a road trip. But where?

I’ve always wanted to fly all the way to the East Coast, rent a car, and then travel cross-country back to Los Angeles. The trip itself would take about a week, but the experience would last a lifetime. I mean, driving cross-country? How awesome does that sound!? So I did a little research, but found out that the trip would actually cost the same if I would have gone to Amsterdam.

Without hope for a Spring Break trip, I started to evaluate the reasons why I wanted to take a trip in the first place. This was actually easy to answer––to get away. Yea, no shit Sherlock; but why did I want to get away. Because I was tired. Tired of what? And low and behold, a blasphemous thought entered my brain. I was tired of ADVERTISING.

“WHAAAAAT?!”, I thought. How on earth could I think such a thing! But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I work myself to the bone at school and I thought, heck why not take a break from the whole wish-wash of Advertising, Advertising, Advertising for once. I’m really sick and tired of it when I come home to rest anyway. And even then I can’t really take a break from it. Think about it–it’s fucking EVERYWHERE.

A couple of friends of mine went to Cuba and told me that there is no Advertising to be found–ANYWHERE. Yes, there is propaganda and government pamphlets, but everywhere you look otherwise, things are as untouched as it was in the 1960s. The thought of one day seeing that sort of flip side in Cuba has fascinated me since.

I didn’t have enough money for Cuba, so I settled on the next best thing–The Desert.

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