Day One

I got to Palm Springs around 3:30pm, settled in at my brother’s pad, and got ready to go to the party that my buddy Matt was throwing with Dim Mak and 55DSL at the Riviera. But first, I had to pick up more memory cards for the Nikon and searched for the nearest Radio Shack. When I got there I found something quite unusual. As if I stepped into the movie set of the Day of the Dead; you know, the part when the survivors are in the mall, but everything is closed and no one is around? Well, imagine that in Palm Springs. Kinda freaky.

The Mall that time forgot

And speaking of FREAKY…after, I headed to the party at the Riviera Resort to snap some picts. Couldn’t get in at the door as it was a la packed up the waz, but I saw my ex co-worker Julie and she grabbed me a wristband.



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