End of the first

Today I started the now soon-to-be-famous-oh-so-cliché Black Book of Ad Agencies, Art Directors, Copywriters, etc. or as I like to call it – The BBAAADCE or BAD Book for short. mmm… I’m still working on the title. Other than that, just been working to get all this work done for this week. I have less class time this term and I’ve been kind of slacking from all this down time. I’m beginning to get my ass in gear somewhat, knocking out little things here and there off the assignment list.

Specific goals I have this term is to make an earnest dedication to work and school, improve my health and fitness with an increase of workout regimen and training, update my portfolio to get ready for 4th term review, and generally have a good time. I feel like this last break really opened me up. The trip to the desert helped a lot. I would suggest to anyone to take a trip alone and by themselves at least once in their lives. I know it may sound a little odd or even downright creepy at the thought, but its really an eye-opening experience. It’s a little scary at first and maybe I’m fortunate because I’m a guy and could do those sorts of things. The experience taught me a lot about self-reliance and helped me get over my own inner demons. (No, that is not a euphemism!)

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