Stay on Target…

Man these are hard to find online! So what’s the big mystery with Target’s Ad agency? Well, I found some answers from…wait for it…YAHOO ANSWERS! Check the link if you don’t believe me. Target’s Ad Answer This has yet to be verified so don’t take this nasty blog’s word for it!

The 30-second Target spot is titled “Product People” and is the
brainchild/children of the Peterson Milla Hooks Agency in Minneapolis.

Creative Team:

Target “Product People”
Peterson Milla Hooks/Minneapolis
Whether it’s nail polish, pet supplies, prescriptions or power tools,
they’re all available at Target. Fun animation and a pulsing
soundtrack tell us, “Want it. Need It. Got it.”
Creative Credits
Creative Director: Dave Peterson
Art Director: Bethany Nagy
Agency Producer: Gary Tassone
Production Company: Radium/Los Angeles
Director: Steve Williams
Editor: Alan Chimenti/Radium, Los Angeles
Visual Effects: Jonathan Keeton, Aladino Debert, Frederico Saccone,
Giancarlo Lari, Leo Juarez, Mark Wurtz, Michael Hobbs, Rick Thomas,
Todd Perry, Val Sinlao/Radium, Los Angeles
Music/Sound Design: Rachel Dunn, Sarah Gavigan/Ten Music, Santa Monica
and The Transcenders
Principal Talent: n/a…

Production Company: Radium

CLIENT: Peterson Milla Hooks
DIRECTOR: Steve “Spaz” Williams
LEAD ARTIST: Aladino Debert
Conceptual Development, CGI, Compositing

Music: Ten Music/Transcenders

From this link William Lee and Tracey Amos are quite possibly lead vocalists:…

Get your search on thisaway:
target+commercial “creative director OR agency” “want it” “got it” ”

Please ring for service by clicking “clarification” if you need
anything further. Thanks for the interesting post. I enjoy that
commercial, too, just for the chair dancing opportunity alone.

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