Like I was trying to impress someone

I did some pretty amazing things today, but not as amazing as what I JUST did. I went back to read a lot of my old blogs from another blog site. WOOOOOOW! I just realized how much I sounded like one ignorant MFer! It’s so hilarious that it’s quite shocking. I never imagined that just 3 years from that time I wrote those entries that I would be here, looking back, and gawking on how incredibly stupid I sounded–in my thoughts and in my words. I’m no English major, but just the fact that I had fragmented sentences really disturbs me. (Disturbs, yea that’s a good word). It embarrasses me to even export and post to this blog; it kinda makes me upset. I think I mentioned to my friend Diana that I sounded “like I was trying to impress someone.”

For so long I believed that I was right about everything. I had the audacity to think that my way was the truth; that I was doing the best I could be doing with what “God gave me”. I know now, after experiencing this past year at Art Center, that I’m capable of achieving much more than I ever imagined. For one – METAPHORS! and elipses, and semi-colons. haha

But in truth, I must admit that education has changed my life. There is simply no better answer. I can’t say that I have all the answers now. On the contrary, I have more questions. And this time, I take everything into context with a real sense of humility in understanding anything. At least I pray I do. I’ve always been a good student, but I know now that I have a renewed sense of confidence in my craft, in my career, but most importantly–in myself. That’s a tough thing to come to terms with, especially as a once confused and cocky individual I may have been. I’m just fortunate that I had people around me that cared enough to tolerate such crass.

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