The Magic of Disney

Right now I’m taking a class with Lee Tirce, an alum of Art Center and my instructor for TV Concepts. As Art Directors, visual communication is the medium in which we explore, invoke, and evoke the human condition. But we also touch upon these through music and motion. Just like film makers, we in Advertising can also take our brand experiences to another level. One extreme yet amazing exmaple of this is the artistic direction found in all things Disney.

I believe that it was in a Life Magazine piece which described the magic behind the work of Walt Disney was his ability to excuse people from reality and transform them into a world in which he himself created. Nothing is grander an example than the shows at Disneyland. Music, motion, lights, fire, and simple belief are the elements put together to weave this kind of magic. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Watch this video once, preferably in its entirety.

Don’t tell me one way or another that you didn’t have a lump in your throat! It’s amazing right? Now, if you’re still reading this, watch this video again, however this time, turn the volume all the way down.

This is just an example of how us as ADs can use sound and light as the medium in order to sell the message. Without the music, sound, and story, this scene in the sky simply looks like a terrorist attack in the middle of Anaheim. Yet with all elements combined, it gives us a narrative to go by, and go buy Disney. Don’t believe me? Well, is it a coincidence that in this particular video that I found this:


The answer is NO, folks. This is branding at its finest.

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