Man, I’m tired! Went out last night to meet up with some friends of mine for the Laker game. I came back pretty early and planned on working, but not before getting an hour nap. I knocked out until the next day. Guess I didn’t realize how much I needed to slow down. Been having a full schedule at school, but also stepped up my workout regimen as well. It’s funny because I don’t think I look any different, although I’ve been running for about two years on and off. I believe some people are probably like, “Well, he doesn’t look any different…” I know, I’m wondering the same damn thing. I actually gained two pounds, and I’m wondering if that’s two pounds of muscle, or two pounds of fat?

Nevertheless, I’m tired and it’s not even mid-terms yet. Guess I should be thinking about getting my butt in gear. Fuck, really don’t feel like working. I seriously feel like a baby right now. Like an immature little jerk. God this is embarrassing.

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