And I raaa-aa-an, I ran so far a-waa-a-aay

I officially ran six (and some) miles today at the Rosebowl–STRAIGHT. On top of that, I did another lap walking for about 100 yards then jogging another 200, until literally my legs gave out to cramps. For one reason or another, I kept repeating to myself, “Leave nothing.” Apparently, I did. I felt pretty accomplished for the first time in a long time after running that thing for about 2 years now. I was just telling D and E the other week that I’ve been running the damn thing for about two years now and I don’t feel I look any different. Perhaps this is a sign of some good things to come in my fitness. I felt different when I was running for the first time today; more tolerant, with more energy and consistency than usual. I’ve been stepping up my workouts for about a month now, and I figured with all the extra lifting, my body is starting to turn on to all this. I even bought protein and work-out gloves today.

Anyway, boring stuff. I just thought I’d mark it down before I forget about what happened to me today.

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