Can anybody find me?

Had THE best meditative rests that I’ve had, EVER. Been meditative more and more since Sun Wukong suggested it. And you know what? I’ve noticed a difference in the way I’ve worked, my attitude towards myself, and just my whole body in general. My heartburn has even gone down significantly whenever I’ve worked out, and my digestion has become quite different. I changed my soundtrack in my weight lifting workouts to a more calmer and subtle meditative harmony compared to the hard rock and hip hop drabble I would have usually ruined my ears with. I just recently downloaded this Tibetan singing bowl soundtrack for meditation and it was the most soothing rest. I feel wide awake right now. While resting, I had a dream about this little thing called love. To be exact, a funny scenario that included this little amazing ditty in particular. What does it mean? Ask the cosmos…

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