Old People

There are some of my classmates that would like to regard me as “old.” And truth be told, compared to them I am. What’s amazing to me, however, is how much they don’t know about. Like when I reference some old sitcom from TV, and they look at me like, “Whaaaaaa….?” I laugh.

So I found it amazing tonight as I hung out with my mom and my uncles and aunties. Yes, HUNG OUT (old, remember?), and just generally paid attention to the stories they told. Of course, when my cousins and I were young, we’d do our own thing, so we never paid much attention to why the hell they would laugh so loud. I found out tonight. The whole time I’m just thinking how much my aunts and uncles, (who are not blood related, but aunts and uncles regardless in that “Filipino” kind of way) are so much like my friends and I. Friendship, good ones, are pretty much the same all around. Good laughs, good times, and a vast rainbow of moments. Then, we’re gone. And it’s almost like the moments never were. But our friends will remember us, our families will not forget us.

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