John Mose

Just finished a comprehensive biographical exploration of John M. Browning, the genius, prodigy, and inventor of the most modern-day gun mechanisms and the actual guns themselves. Son of Jonathan Browning, blacksmith and gun maker. His crowning achievement reciprocates back to my own cultural heritage as a Filipino. He invented the M1911 .45 Caliber Automatic Pistol, or as famously known as the “Colt .45.” I say that with quotes as there are many a company that have developed their own .45 Cals onto their own specs or have improved on the specs of Browning’s designs. After all, his automatic mechanism is virtually untouched and remains the quintessential firing mechanism of automatic guns.

Initially, I started this research with the intent of finding a way to communicate how design could be “lethal”, literally. As I explore this subject however, I find that I’m increasingly becoming more fascinated with the subject. In some capacity, the idea of guns frightens me and come with a certain stigma of urban gangs and violence–-as it should. But like I said, the more I do research on the life of J.M. Browning and the influence and story behind what transpired in his life, the more the thought of his genius becomes apparent and reflected in his legacy.

I’m not vindicating guns or most of the crazy MFers who use them for purposes ill and otherwise. God knows I don’t own one, yet.

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