Taiwan Bound

Recently, I’ve been putting together a trip to Taipei, Taiwan during break and yet again, I’m flying solo. Sure, I could use company, but as I found out last year on my trip to the desert, its so much more fun exploring a place by myself. I really feel like an Indiana Jones taking in all the sights and really getting to know something on my own. To anyone else Taiwan doesn’t seem like the “premiere” destination. After all, there’s Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and even the Caribbean. But knowing me, I’ve never been fond of the conventional and wisdom just goes to show, straight from the Monkey King himself–you never want to be where everyone else is. Besides, ever since meeting Tim and D, and other Taiwanese friends, I’ve taken up a curiosity with the place. And after actually reading up on the history, geography, language, and people of Taiwan, that curiosity has turned into a fond regard for the country.

So in that respect, I’m currently setting my sights on a mini-vacation during my break. From what I understand, this time of year is hot and humid like a MFer. That’s all good, maybe I’ll come back a few pounds lighter. haha

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