Catching up

Busy now more than ever as week 11 passes and 12 looms its ugly head in the horizon. Wow! 12 weeks gone like that. Seems so quick! I could still remember the first days of class this summer. But I’m so glad it’s coming to an end. This term has proven to be quite tough both professionally and personally. I think I’ve definitely over-exerted myself this term. Hopefully after this, five classes won’t seem as touch anymore and I’ll learn to manage my time a little bit better. Been working to the bone these last several months. I have to remind myself that the fight is not over yet, and now more than ever, I have to dig deep.

These pages on the blog have helped tremendously and it’s only now in this term that I’ve come to appreciate it’s usefulness towards my practice in writing. Sure, I want to become a good Art Director, but more importantly, I’ve learned, that I want to become a better Art Director. Mikio says that sometimes student’s would come to him saying that that “just discovered” that they are a better Copy Writer. The fact of the matter is, they were just a shitty Art Director. haha

But with some reassurance, I was reading a book called Disruption by Jean Marie Dru. In the book, he states (somewhere along the lines) that most Art Directors and Creative Directors in the US started out in Advertising as a Copywriter, opposed to Europe and Asia. The reason for this is because as a culture in the US, the central idea opposed to the Visual Aesthetic is more important. In Europe and Asia, visual is king. On one hand, this is bad news for me in the US as a emerging Art Director. On the other hand, it gives me hope for finding a position outside the US in Europe or Asia.

Honestly for me right now, hitting the Middle East has been somewhat on my mind. Reason being that the industry here in the US is all too saturated. Sure, I’d love to say here and play, but the lure of overseas living as well as the cost of living has been a serious looming thought. I just hope that I’m lucky enough to get this kind of opportunity.

Other than that, Taipei is almost in the bag. I canceled my previous plans in lure of a more appealing tour trip that my parents help arrange via their travel agent. My dad even offered to pay for the whole trip just to see that I had a safe planned voyage. I would’ve said no, except that I AM broke. haha They even offered to pay half of the fare if someone else would simply accompany me. Its a weird proposition, but hopefully I’ll find someone else to go.

Anyway, gotta get back to finals.

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