Good news

A second wind has come over myself and my group for Branding Strategies. One of our team members, realizing that crafting a “clear” trash can was more difficult than initially thought, has relented to Plan B; a plan that I discussed with my other group member to simultaneously work on while we fashioned the initial crafted piece. Ironically, inspiration for this version of the final project came about (literally) as we were sitting in the exact environment we planned on housing the trash can.

The situation comes at a good time, as we have all but run out of time in order to get this project done. Plan B doesn’t look as neat and clean as we had hoped the “clear” trash can to be, but it fits in with all the aspects of the brand we’re trying to project. What’s more important to me, however, is if I can get both of my teammates to reconcile, given that we are now at odds together. I’m meeting with the two this evening at around 7 in the library to discuss finishing of the model.

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